Unit 7 - Data Analysis and Probability

Coordinate Grids

Interpreting Data

Mean, Median, Mode

Constructing and Interpreting Graphs

Homework Sheets

Unit 11:Probability
Whole Chapter

Adjustable Spinners - This tool allows students to create their own spinners and examine the outcomes given a specified number of spins.

Coin Toss - Explore probability concepts by simulating repeated coin tosses

Let's Make a Deal - a java applet based on the TV show: use the applet to see if the odds of winning increase by switching the door

Marbles - simulates an experiment where you remove red, green and blue marbles with or without replacement

Racing Game - One Die - Work in pairs to experiment with the applet's parameters to "see" the effects of each variable on race results.

Racing Game - Two Dice - Similar to the "one die" race; fairly complex

Spinner - A java applet with a spinner shose sector sizes and colors can be adjusted.

Stick or Switch – Investigate probabilities of sticking with a decision, or switching.

Understanding Experimental Probability - Experiment with experimental probability using a fixed size section spinner, a variable section spinner, 2 regular 6-sided number cubes or design your own number cubes.

Unit 5: Data Management
Entire Unit

Collecting Data - tutorial and practice; emphasis on vocabulary of data collection

Create a Graph - use this on-line graph maker to produce a graph in a couple of minute; the resulting graph can be saved as an image to be put into a document or other project

Drawing and Interpreting Graphs - a nine-page tutorial for teachers and advanced students

Interpreting Graphs - a pdf file from Oxford Press; a vocabulary-building exercise.
Quattro Pro 10 Tutorials - a series of tutorials and help sheets

Reading and Interpreting Graphs - tutorial and practice

Tinkerplots - data and information about Tinkerplots

Histograms, pp 216-220

A one-page histogram tutorial using Corel Quattro Pro (assumes one already knows how to use Quattro Pro)

Histogram Tool - Create a customized histogram