Unit 3 - Fractions and Decimals


Fraction Intro

Divisibility Rules

Equivalent Fractions

Simplest Form



Unit 4: Fractions and Decimals
pp 134-164

Adding Fractions - Illustrates with pictures finding the common denominator.

Fractions - Rectangle Multiplication – Visualize and practice multiplying fractions using an area representation (scroll down the page once you get there, to find the link).

Fractions Tutorials - High-quality fractions tutorials (scroll down the page about half way)

MathSplat - Click on the right answer to addition problems or the bug splats on your windshield!

Who wants pizza? - Explains the concept of fraction, addition and multiplication with an pizza example, then has some interactive exercises.

Converting Between Decimals and Fractions, pp 165-168 Fraction-decimal Conversions - 3 activities